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  • The challenge of the French TV

    The lead actors Agathe, David and Laurent from the famous program on the channel France5, immersed themselves in a brand new challenge equipped with patience, meticulousness and above all else, Geomag. …As always, the strength of Geomag does not let anyone down. LOOK IN MORE DETAIL


  • Indiana University chooses Geomag

    Prestigious American research centre has decided to compile a special guide, the Gift Guide, which lists 53 indispensable toys that will stimulate creativity and speed up learning in every child. On this magical list are two Geomag toys: Panels 180 and Mechanics 222, both awarded this important recognition: “Promotes engineering thinking and design”. Playing with Geomag is a truly intelligent choice.LOOK IN MORE DETAIL
  • Play and Learn

    Play and learn - Geomagworld SA aims to promote awareness and understanding of magnetism through play, in order to develop creativity and stimulate learning. We try to nurture curiosity and intellect in children of all ages. Everyone can learn to train their minds by playing with Geomag, all while having fun.LOOK IN MORE DETAIL
  • Around The World

    Geomag is a magnetic construction toy. The original toy comprised a bars with a magnet on each end (neodymium alloy) all attached by a magnetic plug (coated with polypropylene), and nickel-coated metal spheres. Magnetic forces hold the bars and spheres together, creating the possibility for many constructions. Invented and patented by Claudio Vincetelli in May 1998, production is currently undertaken by Geomagworld SA at the production facilities in Novazzano, Switzerland.LOOK IN MORE DETAIL


  • Geomag Education

    All children have enormous potential: the task of adults, and in particular teachers, is to find the right way to help them express it, by stimulating their ability to think creatively and reason systematically. Geomag Education has been developed with this objective, to provide schools with unique teaching instruments that make lessons fun and engaging through active participation. Students are naturally inquisitive and perceptive, and having fun while learning helps broaden their understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. http://www.geomagworld.com/en/educationLOOK IN MORE DETAIL


  • Color
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