Magnetic KOR Tazoo Jelo construction toys – Geomag 70 pcs

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Geomag 70 Pcs KOR Set with Assorted Panels – Mentally Stimulation for Children and Adults – Safe and High Quality Construction – For Ages 5 and above.

This 70-piece set includes

  • 1 non-magnetic spheres and 69 Assorted Panels.

ORIGINAL GEOMAG Toys from Switzerland imported by Spheria Distributions


Geomag Kor TAZOO Transformers are revolutionary 3D spherical magnetic playsets. You build these fabulous intergalactic creatures with geometric building blocks around magnetic cores, learning STEM skills while playing. Each playset is compatible with other Geomag Kor toys for greater creativity and ingenuity.

Key Features:

  • Develops Lateral thinking
  • Enhances Motor Skills
  • Enhances imagination

Brand – Geomag
Type – Construction Set
Age – 5 to 10 Years
Material – Iron, Magnet, Plastic
Box Dimension – 34 x 5.4 x 22 cm

Items Included in Package:
Geomag Tazoo Jelo Construction Set – 70 Pieces

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 34 x 5.4 x 22 cm


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