Magnetic Mechanics construction toys – Geomag 28 pcs

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Geomag 28 Pcs Mechanics Set with Assorted Panels – Mentally Stimulation for Children and Adults – Safe and High Quality Construction – For Ages 5 and above.

This 28-piece set includes

  • 4 magnetic rods in assorted colors,
  • 8 non-magnetic spheres and
  • 16 Assorted Panels.

ORIGINAL GEOMAG Toys from Switzerland imported by Spheria Distributions


Geomag Mechanics Classic is a 28 piece magnetic construction set consisting of magnetic rods, steel balls, washers, feet for washers, and linear bars which connect to create unlimited number of structures. This 28 piece set contains 1 indicator rod, 3 magnetic rods (blue), 8 non-magnetic steel balls, 5 washers (orange), 5 feet for washers (orange), and 6 linear bars (orange).

Mechanical elements allow for movement through magnetic attraction and repulsion. Create a compass or engineer your own creation to spin into motion. This kit helps children of all ages develop and train their minds, imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction.

Keep away from sensitive devices such as credit cards, computers, magnetic media and medical devices like pacemakers. All Geomag Classic kits are compatible so any of the rods, panels, spheres can be combined to construct. Kids age 5 and up. Made in Switzerland.

Additional information

Weight 254.4 g
Dimensions 21 x 4 x 10.8 cm


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