Magnetic KOR Tazoo Dina construction toys – Geomag 71 pcs

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Geomag 71 Pcs KOR Set with Assorted Panels – Mentally Stimulation for Children and Adults – Safe and High Quality Construction – For Ages 5 and above.

This 71-piece set includes

  • 1 non-magnetic spheres and
  • 70 Assorted Panels.

ORIGINAL GEOMAG Toys from Switzerland imported by Spheria Distributions


  • THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE TAZOO FAMILY: We have a new friend for you. Let us introduce you to Dina, the newest playful arrival to the KOR Tazoo family. Whether you’re new to the Tazoo crew or you’re adding to the family, Dina is a great friend to make. She is an adorable dinosaur or a cute little piggy, however you dream it.
  • EXPLORE YOUR IMAGINATION: The Geomag Kor Tazoo Dina set allows your child to build a character all on their own. They can either take the suggestions from included instructions or they can create a never before seen creature that has existed only in their own imagination. Let them unleash all their creative ideas with an innovative new building toy.
  • THE MAGIC OF MAGNETS: Magnetic toys are a wonderful way to play while exploring science. Children learn about the function and polarity of magnetic play without even realizing they’re learning. Geomag opens the door for all kinds of children to explore science, creativity, and engineering, all before they encounter it in school.
  • GEOMAG INNOVATION: Our products help children of all ages develop and train their minds, imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction. Each year, Geomag introduces new and innovative product lines. We achieve success all over the world, confirming our drive to create the highest quality play experience for children.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Geomag Kor Tazoo Dina Set. Includes 71 pieces, 56 pink plastic building pieces, 12 plastic yellow accessory piece, 2 plastic eyeball pieces, and one strong, safe magnet. Includes instruction booklet. Recommended for children 5 years and older.

Additional information

Weight 630 g
Dimensions 34 x 5.4 x 22 cm


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